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Props & Custom Signs

Props and signs are especially great for themed events, and our inventory is immense!  Check out some of our inventory below!  We are also happy to work with you to create custom signs and props to perfectly match your unique event.

Wedding Decor
Olympic Torches 2
Award Podium
Olympic Entrance 1
Road Trip
Custom Light Boxes
50s Car Pink
Hollywood Props_edited
Large Masks
Red Carpet Entrance_edited
Rubik's Cube Light Column_edited
City Backdrop_edited
50s Car Blue
50s Diner
50s Car Red Flames
Cheshire Cat Lightbox
Farm Theme Post
Cactus Vignette
Farm Vignette
Large Stone Face
Cantina Vignette
Tiki Vignette
Fabric Vignette
Hollywood Vignette
Popcorn Box
Genie Lamp
Pagoda Vignette
Pagoda Vignette
Giraffe Vignette_edited
Shipwreck Vignette 2_edited
Shipwreck Vignette_edited
Tiki Vignette_edited
Vegas Sign 2
Travel Vignette_edited
Street Sign Vignette
Mardi Gras Signs
Dr. Seuss Vignette
Dr. Seuss Vignette 2
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